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In late 2008, a Navy Seal friend of mine introduced me to my future co host of the radio show Earth, he introduced me to Doctor Drake. Drake had me on his show three times as a guest to discuss many topics such as the Inside Job of 911, the murder of our last Real President JFK and The New World Order.

Drake overtly made me the star of “Earth”, prior to me coming on the show, Earth was a Relationship show. Drake told our mutual Navy Seal friend he wants to change the show.

Drake said he wanted to talk about “Conspiracies” and the New World Order. In early 2009 Earth became a transformed radio show. Our first guest was bestselling author and award-winning documentary film maker, G. Edward Griffin. He has been on many times since, the first time was to talk about his International bestseller, “The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.”

From there the show started growing. Sure, people call us “Conspiracy Theorists” but most listeners are doing what we always ask them to do and what is that? Don’t believe us, research it yourself.

911 is a personal event to me or it stated out that way. As the show progressed, I realized what I already knew, but had not come to terms with; 911 was bigger than one persons grievance, I fell face first into The New World Order.

The radio show Earth, covers many topics. We have guests on about paranormal, aliens, 911, OKC Bombing, RFK, MLK and JFK assassinations. The radio show Earth with great guests such as Jim Marrs, Jack Blood,John B. Wells, G. Edward Griffin, Roger Stone, Wayne Madsen, Chuck Bergman, Ty Bollinger, Holland Vandennuienhoff and so many others are an example of what the radio show “Earth” does, we shed light onto the deepest corners and unknown hallways to expose the truth!